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We are beginning to harvest Sugar Snap Peas and Snow Peas. There are a lot of blossoms on the plants so peas should be around for two-three weeks.

Farmer's Pick ™ Sugar Snap Peas: $3.50 for 12 oz. pkg.
Farmer’s Pick ™ Sugar Snap Peas: $3.50 for 12 oz. pkg.


Garlic Scapes abound.

Farmer's Pick ™ Garlic Scapes: $8.00/lb.
Farmer’s Pick ™ Garlic Scapes: $8.00/lb.


Also available:

  • Cilantro – 50¢/bunch
  • Italian Parsley – $1.00/bunch
  • Arugula – $2.00 for 4 oz. pkg.
  • Radishes – 85¢/bunch
  • Baby Bunch Turnips – $1.50/bunch
  • Kale – $2.50/bunch
  • Red and Green Chard – $2.50/bunch

Open 10am-6pm, Sat & Sun through June, then open 10-am-6pm, Thurs-Sun through October


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Products & Crops – Farmer’s Pick ™ Produce – Boise, Idaho

These are some of the items we are growing this year, available soon.

Farmer's Pick ™ Heirloom Tomatoes
Farmer’s Pick ™ Heirloom Tomatoes


Farmer's Pick ™ Yellow Pear Tomatoes
Farmer’s Pick ™ Yellow Pear Tomatoes


Farmer's Pick ™ Pickling Cucumbers
Farmer’s Pick ™ Pickling Cucumbers


Farmer's Pick ™ Slicing Cucumbers
Farmer’s Pick ™ Slicing Cucumbers


Farmer's Pick ™ Yellow Snap Beans
Farmer’s Pick ™ Yellow Snap Beans


Farmer's Pick ™ Green Snap Beans
Farmer’s Pick ™ Green Snap Beans


Farmer's Pick ™ Purple Snap Beans
Farmer’s Pick ™ Purple Snap Beans


Farmer's Pick ™ Carrots
Farmer’s Pick ™ Carrots


Farmer's Pick ™ Purple Carrots
Farmer’s Pick ™ Purple Carrots


Farmer's Pick ™ Beets
Farmer’s Pick ™ Beets


Farmer's Pick ™ Watermelon Radishes
Farmer’s Pick ™ Watermelon Radishes


Farmer's Pick ™ Basil
Farmer’s Pick ™ Basil


Farmer's Pick ™ Dill Weed
Farmer’s Pick ™ Dill Weed


Farmer's Pick ™ Green Zucchini
Farmer’s Pick ™ Green Zucchini


Farmer's Pick ™ Striped Zucchini
Farmer’s Pick ™ Striped Zucchini


Farmer's Pick ™ Yellow Zucchini
Farmer’s Pick ™ Yellow Zucchini


Farmer's Pick ™ Round Zucchini
Farmer’s Pick ™ Round Zucchini


Farmer's Pick ™ Eggplant
Farmer’s Pick ™ Eggplant


Farmer's Pick ™ Green Bell Peppers
Farmer’s Pick ™ Green Bell Peppers


Farmer's Pick ™ Jalapeño Chile Peppers
Farmer’s Pick ™ Jalapeño Chile Peppers


Farmer's Pick ™ Melons
Farmer’s Pick ™ Melons


Farmer's Pick ™ Pie Pumpkin
Farmer’s Pick ™ Pie Pumpkin


Farmer's Pick ™ Spaghetti Squash
Farmer’s Pick ™ Spaghetti Squash


Farmer's Pick ™ Butternut Squash
Farmer’s Pick ™ Butternut Squash


Farmer's Pick ™ Sunflowers
Farmer’s Pick ™ Sunflowers


Farmer's Pick ™ Cut Flowers
Farmer’s Pick ™ Cut Flowers

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Since 1995, ‘Farmer’s Pick’ has been our business name and our trademarked word/ brand label when used on fresh produce, cut flowers, fresh and dried culinary herbs. Domain Name: FARMERSPICK.COM


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