Available now – Farmer’s Pick ™ Produce – Boise, Idaho

Hello- We have harvested almost everything possible in our fields and will be blowing out all remaining produce this week. Stop by our farmstand this Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Sunday October 29th will be our last day open for the 2017 year.

Thank-you for your support and in helping to make 2017 a rewarding and successful year. We’ll start back up in May 2018 with fresh Rhubarb. This will be our last blog post until then.

Currently we still have ‘Winter Luxury’ Pie Pumpkins for 65¢/lb. These pumpkins will store for a couple of months and can be used through the Holidays. Great for use in breads, cookies, pancakes, soups and pies. Once cooked and processed, can be frozen or canned.

Farmer's Pick ™ 'Winter Luxury' Pie Pumpkins: 65¢/lb.
Farmer’s Pick ™ ‘Winter Luxury’ Pie Pumpkins: 65¢/lb.

Also Winter Squashes including Butternut, Spaghetti and Acorn for 55¢/lb. These hardy squashes will store well into April-May of next year if kept in a cool, dry place.

Farmer's Pick ™ Winter Squash: 55¢/lb.
Farmer’s Pick ™ Winter Squash: 55¢/lb.

Carrots only $2 a bunch until gone.

Farmer's Pick ™ Carrots
Farmer’s Pick ™ Carrots: $2.00/bunch

Red and Green Chard, $2.00 a bunch until gone.

Farmer's Pick ™ Red Chard
Farmer’s Pick ™ Chard: $2.00/bunch

At $1.50 a bunch for fresh herbs, consider drying your own for later use.

Farmer's Pick ™ Oregano
Farmer’s Pick ™ Oregano: $1.50/bunch
Farmer's Pick ™ Thyme
Farmer’s Pick ™ Thyme: $1.50/bunch
Farmer's Pick ™ Sage
Farmer’s Pick ™ Sage: $1.50/bunch

Chesnok Red hardneck garlic will store and can be used until the end of January.

Farmer’s Pick ™ Chesnok Red Culinary Heirloom Garlic
Farmer’s Pick ™ Chesnok Red Culinary Heirloom Garlic: $7.00/lb.

Also Available:

  • Green Tomatoes: 75¢/lb.
  • Baby White Turnips: $2.00/bunch
  • Beets: $2.50/bunch
  • Jalapeño Chile Peppers: 75¢/lb.
  • Cayenne Chile Peppers: $4.50/lb.
  • Italian Parsley: $1.00/bunch

2017 Season is ending. Our final week open will be Thursday October 26th through Sunday October 29th. Open again Spring 2018.


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