Farmer’s Pick™ Produce is a seasonal grower and distributor of fresh produce, herbs and flowers. Located on ten fertile acres in Idaho’s Treasure Valley. Visit our farmstand May through October.

Farmer's Pick ™, Boise-ID

Farmer's Pick ™, Boise-ID

Farmer's Pick ™, Boise-ID

Farmer's Pick ™, Boise-ID

Farmer’s Pick practices Sustainable Agriculture as a way to grow tasty vegetables without damaging the environment or threatening human health. We select and only grow open-pollinated, non-hybrid, non-GMO vegetable seeds, most being certified organic heirloom varieties.

Having been passed down and saved for generations, open-pollinated heirlooms are chosen for taste and nutritional value and having been bred to acclimate to a particular regional environment. Also, unlike modern day hybrids and transgenic plants, open-pollinated plants produce seeds that can be saved year-to-year by anyone, ensuring a safe and genetically stable source of food for future generations.

Other principles of Sustainable Agriculture include:

  • Building a healthy soil
  • Conserving water
  • Multi-cropping
  • Minimal to no pesticides/herbicides use
  • Supporting the local community food system

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Since 1995, ‘Farmer’s Pick’ has been our business name and our trademarked word/ brand label when used on fresh produce, cut flowers, fresh and dried culinary herbs. Domain Name: FARMERSPICK.COM

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